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Business Users

This area of our website is dedicated to all business purchases. Whether you are a company car driver, a small business or a giant car fleet operator, we hope that we can be of assistance to you. We have a wide range of vehicles available to suit. We can offer the following services:

Personal Leasing


Personal car leasing allows private individuals to fix the cost of their motoring so as not to receive any unexpected or hidden charges. Personal Contract hire customers could be any person who needs a lease car for private use, or even someone who needs to lease a car for work and has opted to receive a company car allowance. A personal car lease is a contract between the finance company and the individual and will include full car tax included for the duration. Maintenance contracts are also available to personal lease car customers to cover tyres, wear and tear and servicing. Sometimes PCP can be a better option for the Personal leasing option.

Business Contract Hire

Business contract hire is a cost effective route to running 1 or a fleet of company cars, allowing business car leasing customers to fix costs and control maintenance contracts. Businesses can ensure they have a reliable lease car fleet reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. A percentage of VAT can be reclaimed by businesses on lease cars and there are various tax advantages available however we recommend you discuss this with your accountant. Business leasing can also be effective when attracting new staff and creating benefits bands. A business lease can also help cash flow within a business by retaining capital in place of a fixed monthly lease rental.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Santa Fe

Owning the vehicle is sometimes the reason people choose to buy instead of lease a car, with PCP Personal contract purchase you get all the advantages of leasing a car with an option to buy the car for an agreed price at the end of the finance contract known as the Balloon Payment or GFV (guaranteed future value) however should you wish to hand the lease car back this is also an available option. Most PCP personal contract purchase agreements require a deposit and the value can vary unlike Contract hire and leasing where you are asked for 3 times or 6 times the monthly rental. PCP does not attract VAT so the monthly rental you see is what you will pay.

Fleet Purchase

If your business would prefer to purchase and own the vehicle then that is no problem. We have set up some fleet terms for your business allowing you the option of some substantial discounts what ever your requirements.

Why choose Hyundai?

Just look at our range of models and you'll see that we have standard equipment levels that make many other marques look rather basic, and our Five Year Triple Care Package is completely unique.
Everything we do is designed to improve the cost of ownership, the driving experience and the tax efficiency of our vehicles, so that both companies and drivers can benefit.

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