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Stacey's Motors Service Plan

The affordable way to take care of your car

HyundaiThe Stacey's Motors Service Plan has been designed to offer an affordable way to ensure that the investment which you have made in your car is taken care of, giving you peace of mind that the correct maintenance is carried out by factory trained technicians.
You can choose which plan suits you best and spread the cost of routine servicing through simple monthly instalments just like many other household bills.

Tailor made to suit you

We will give you an individual quote based on the make and model of your car, the vehicles service schedule, your average mileage and how many services you would like the plan to cover.
Plus you can take out a service plan for your car at any time during ownership. To protect you in the future, if you decide to change the car, you may transfer any monies to your next car or apply for a refund of any unused portion of the plan if you are in credit for a small administration charge.

What's included

The Stacey's Motors Service Plan includes the full cost of routine servicing including all parts, labour and VAT.
What's NOT included are service items such as brake pads, tyres, wiper blades and other items not normally replaced during routine servicing.
If we recommend that any additional work is required during the service we will provide a full competitive quotation, you are under no obligation to have this work carried out.

Car EngineNo Hidden Costs

Making monthly payments will ensure that you have no unexpected service bills. You may pay for the plan by a one off payment if you prefer.
The service costs are frozen from the day you take out the plan so you will not need to worry about any price rises.

Key Member Benefits

Inflation proof - Easy budgeting by simple monthly direct debit payments

Free courtesy car available (subject to pre-booking and driver supplied insurance)

Payment Options

  • Pay the full amount by debit or credit card.
  • Spread the cost with easy INTEREST FREE monthly direct debit.

Examples may be:-
- 3 Service Plan over 32 months
- 4 Service Plan over 44 months

You may add the cost of the Service Plan to the finance of your new or used car.


Our Service Plan is available for any new or used vehicle manufactured by any of our franchises. The cost of servicing varies depending on model, age and mileage. We will offer you a highly competitive quote specifically tailored to your needs and explain the working of the Plan.

What to do next

Please contact us for your personal quote.


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Our Customer Promise

Customer Promise

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